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For too long rising crime, opiate trafficking, congested roads, and lost   economic opportunities have hurt our quality of life. With your support I will bring common sense community driven solutions for a better Brentwood, Central Islip, and North Bay Shore.

This Election Day the real issues we need to be discussing are accountability, responsibility, & priorities.

  • We need to hold our elected officials in county government accountable for the decline in the quality of life our communities have endured for the last 15 years

  • We need to hold our elected officials in county government responsible for the reckless fiscal decisions they have made borrowing more money than they can afford to pay back, raising fees on working class people, and raising property taxes $80 million in the last 6 years and fees $120 million in the last two years.  

  • We need to elect Maria Vidal for Legislator in the 9th Legislative District and John M. Kennedy for County Executive who will make Brentwood, Central Islip and North Bay Shore a priority in county government and take our problems seriously.

Crime, Gangs and Drugs

Our communities needs to focus on renewing the trust between the law enforcement community and our neighborhoods.

  • Restore community policing programs in high crime areas.

  • Work with the school districts, the business community, and Department of Labor to develop job training and job opportunities for our young people keeping them focused on their future away from predatory gangs.

  • Hold county officials responsible for building better trust and better relationships between law enforcement agencies our residents and business owners.

  • Make the mental health needs of the opioid and substance abuse crisis a priority in the county government

    • Restoring funding for county mental health programs.

    • Making sure the Health Department has enough staff and resources to help victims of substance abuse and their families.

    • Focus on better coordination of mental health care services for patients and their families.


Suffolk Avenue, 5th Avenue and Carlton Avenue are county roads. The county needs to take responsibility for improving the conditions of these roads in order to reduce congestion on our main roads and the overuse of our residential streets.

    • Work with New York State and MTA officials to develop a plan to elevate the tracks over congested intersections like is being done in Nassau County

    • Work with Suffolk County Department of Public Works officials to study the feasibility of redesigning the intersections at 5th Avenue and Carlton Avenue to meaningfully reduce congestion at these intersections.


Building a Business Friendly Environment


Businesses in Brentwood, Central Islip, and North Bay Shore have been facing challenges for decades.  While the quality of life has been on the decline in our residential communities, small business owners have been faced with the same challenges.  Larger businesses that used to locate here have moved away, causing working class jobs to move with them. Large employers do not want to come here. The result has been a disaster for our communities.  We need to make jobs and business a priority for the 9th Legislative District.


Building a business friendly environment is a two part approach.  First, the county has to work on the crime and traffic problems that hurt all of us and have been ignored for 16 years. Second, the county must address the fiscal crisis it is in. While county resources and programs have been stretched thin in other areas, they are practically non-existent here. Suffolk County can not meaningfully address the problems in our community without restoring fiscal stability to the county budget.

Maria Vidal will make improving the local economy, holding government officials accountable for their decisions, and being fiscally responsible her priority in the Suffolk County Legislature.

  • Put a stop to fees and regulations that hurt businesses, reduce jobs, and take money out of the local economy.

    • $80 million in property tax hikes in seven years

    • $160 million in fee increases in the last two years

  • End the practice of borrowing money the county can not afford to pay back to cover operating expenses despite raising fees and taxes every year.

    • $883 million in operating debt.

    • $3.1 billion in total debt.

  • Work with county and local economic development agencies to bring economic development resources to Brentwood Central Islip and North Bay Shore.

It is time to elect a Legislator who will get what our community needs from county government, not ignore our problems and vote for other people’s best interests.  

It is time to elect a Legislator who will actually work with government officials to bring our communities what we need to be safe and successful.  

It’s time to stop fighting and start working.

It’s time to elect Maria Vidal !